Great! We’d be happy to have you! We have just a couple of simple rules:

  • You must have an ASN and IPv4/IPv6 space allocated from a registred RIR
  • You must be able to obtain a physical cross-connect to one of our switches
  • You must have a published routing policy in IRRDB
  • The only permitted layer 2 protocols are: ARP, IP and IPv6, other protocols such as CDP, UDLD, EDP, VTP, DTP, LLDP and similar must be disabled
  • IPv6 router solicitation and IPv4 DHCP protocols must be disabled on the peering VLAN
  • Participants must have a profile on the PeeringDB which accurately lists their AS-SET
  • Participants agree to not point static or default routes at any other member without explicit permission from the other party.